Recipe of the Week: The BEST Chickpea Stew

I saw this recipe on Twitter many, many years ago and so unfortunately I don’t know who to credit for bringing this dish into my life. All I can say is, whoever you are, thank you! This is one of my all-time favourite recipes, when it’s dark and cold, when I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, when I need a bowl of cheerfulness and flavour – this is my Go To dish.

It’s also an incredibly easy one-pan wonder. The recipe below serves two.


  • 1 400g tin chickpeas
  • 1 400ml tin coconut milk (the full fat milk is better, but it can be made with reduced fat)
  • 2 chopped up garlic cloves
  • 1 thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger, grated
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • Dried chillies – according to taste
  • 200ml vegetable stock
  • Green veg and pitta breads (suggestions to serve with)


  • In a casserole dish, fry the chopped garlic in hot oil for a few minutes
  • Add the turmeric and chillies and fry for a few more minutes
  • Add the chickpeas and fresh ginger, and fry for five minutes. Then, using the back of a wooden spoon, gently press the chickpeas so they start to breakdown a little (this will help the stew to thicken later). Fry for another five minutes.
  • Then add the stock and the coconut milk, and stir
  • Cover with a lid and put in the oven for 40 minutes
  • If it still looks a little thin, put the dish back in the oven without a lid for a further 15 minutes (or until it thickens up)

Serve with a portion of cooked green veg like broccoli, kale or spinach. I also like to have a warm pitta bread on the side to mop up all the bright yellow goodness.

Please, as always, be mindful of any allergies or your own preferences in terms of what ingredients you use. But, let me know if you make it and what you think!

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