What is a yoga brunch event like?

With so many yoga events popping up all over the country (and all over Instagram), I’ve often wondered if they are they worth it? Is it about the yoga, or is it more about the ‘experience’ leaving the yoga part to be neglected or over-looked?

I went to a Yoga Brunch event on Saturday held at Left Bank Leeds, it was an hour of yoga followed by a vegan two-course brunch and… I have to say, I loved it.

The class was an energetic vinyasa flow that started with a gentle warm-up and then moved on to some hamstring-focused poses. It was taught by a favourite teacher of mine, called Bryony (which is how I heard about the event), who is excellent at providing an all-levels class that can be gentle as well as challenging depending on the student.

But, the special part was the chance to eat, talk and relax with people afterwards. And, the food (by Mol’s Café) was so good!

The event was held at Left Bank Leeds which is an old church that has been re-purposed into a gorgeous and fun space for the community. When we arrived, the room smelt of incense and the light was softly coming through the stained-glass window at the front of the space. They had also strung some fairy lights and paper lanterns across the area where the yoga mats were laid out, and so when we were lying down it was so pretty to look up to the lights and then on to the old church ceiling with the wooden rafters above. As the class went on, the smell of incense was replaced by the smells of cooking which added a lot of excitement for what was to come.

The brunch was delicious. We started with courgette fritters served with butterbeans and crushed tomato, which were super garlicy and yummy, with a dollop of yoghurt, and a portion of salad greens, basil and toasted seeds. This was then followed by a very generous piece of apple and almond cake with chunks of raspberry, and a cup of herbal tea.

We sat on benches around a long table, with jam jars containing flowers picked from Bryony’s garden decorating the centre (which I’m upset I didn’t take any pics of because they were so pretty). Everyone was so friendly and happy to be there, it was such a positive, well, experience! It demonstrated the power of yoga to bring people together and build connection and community. I will definitely be going again if it is offered.

Yoga teacher: Bryony May Yoga

Food: Mol’s Café

Location: Left Bank Leeds

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